2017 MP Workshop

In just one week, scientists from dozens of companies and academic institutions will meet in Berkeley for the 2017 Materials Project Workshop. Members of the Materials Project team will be instructing a series of hands-on lessons on leveraging MP tools and data to accelerate the pace of innovation and discovery in materials science.

The two-day workshop will cover:

  • The Materials Project web interface (materialsproject.org).
  • The Python Materials Genomics (pymatgen) library for materials analysis.
  • Accessing the MP database through the Materials API (MAPI).
  • Case studies of using pymatgen and the MP database to do various analyses.
  • Atomate, a new library for creating easily reproducible computational materials science workflows.
  • MPContribs, a portal that enables users to contribute data from external sources to the Materials Project’s library of compounds.

If you can’t attend the workshop but are still interested in the materials, all of the modules will be available on the GitHub following the workshop,

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